ACS Wins Math Competition!

On Feb-22-29, 2012 there was a Math competition on It was for schools throughout Cochise and Santa Cruz County. At Ash Creek Elementary School 3rd-8th grades competed. Ash Creek Elementary school won 1st place in the competition. There were four kids from Ash Creek Elementary school who placed top ten; those students are Brandon Martinez, Elizabeth Hutson, Angel Pedrego, and Savanna Holden. Sienna Martinez was the top player in 3rd-5th class. Ash Creek won Yenka Math software worth 1,000 dollars. The Students from Ash Creek worked hard and put their effort into this competition. Brandon Martinez said that he stayed up till mid night playing the Sumdog games. Many students played over the weekend. The math that students were doing was times tables, fractions, decimals, integers, and algebra, etc.  Savanna Holden said that she felt great when she heard that she was in the top ten. Destiny Ziemann said she does not like math but she enjoyed the games! Vilina Kobayashi said she thought it was fun because it had a lot of activities, Samantha Touney said it was cool because she learned multiplication, and Daniel Simmons said that it was fun because when you play a game you earn coins.  Our 3rd-8th grade math and science teacher Mrs. Lind stated that the competition had a wide variety of math games and she liked how the math problems were matched so well to the students’ learning abilities.

by Ryann Marx (6th grade)

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