Summer 4-H Program

For the first time, Ash Creek School will be hosting a 4-H Club. Teachers Vicki Marvick and Jane Corley and will be co-leading the program, under the guidance of Darcy Tessman from the U of A Cooperative Extension Service. One of the program’s major goals is to expand the small straw bale garden that students began in the spring as an experimental hands-on science project. The 4-H Club may also focus on a variety of arts and crafts, needlework and sewing, and videography and photography experiences, depending on member interests. Ms. Jen Score will join us for at least one art camp during the summer. The program will begin on July 3rd from 1-3 pm, and will meet on Tuesdays afternoons until school begins on August 8th. For more information, call Vicki Marvick at 507-7770.

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