Metamorphosis Mania!

Daniel Simmons examines the larva of a white-lined sphinx moth.

It all started when Ms. Marvick found some colorful larva in her vegetable garden. She brought them to the classroom and put them in a mesh habitat with parsley to eat and a few dead branches. Her class fed the larva and observed them until they turned into pupa, hanging from the branches in the habitat. Butterfly emergence countdown began, and 14 days later–the same day that Arizona Republic reporters visited the school–beautiful blue and back swallowtail butterflies began to emerge from the pupas. Ms. Marvick’s class invited Ms. Corley’s students to join them, and kept watch on the habitat for much of the morning, oohing and ahhing over each new arrival. Even Ms. Lind’s students got into the act when they arrived for Writing class. Ms. Marvick’s class put what they had learned about metamorphosis to use later when they created their play with Mr. Paul Fisher, titled The Pollinators.

For more photos of butterfly emergence day, see Metamorphosis Mania! in the Slideshow section of the website.

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