Make A Donation, Get A Tax Credit

School budgets are tight. When you make a donation to Ash Creek Elementary School District #53, not only are you helping the school but you are creating a tax donation for yourself.

The Arizona State Public School Tax Credit Law allows up to $200 for single taxpayers and $400 for jointly filing married taxpayers if they contribute to extracurricular activities. An extracurricular activity is an optional, non credit educational activity that supplements the education program of Ash Creek Elementary and requires a fee for the students to participate.

This tax donation is then directly subtracted from the total taxes owed to the state of Arizona for that year.  For example, if your tax bill to the State of Arizona is $400.00, and you donated $200 to Ash Creek Elementary School District #53 before December 31, 2012, the amount you will owe the State of Arizona when you file taxes is $200 – your $400.00 obligation minus the $200 you have already paid through the direct tax credit program.

To donate, print the form below and submit to the school. Thank you!

Tax Donation Form

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