Welcome back to a new year of school!  I know it is not what any of us had envisioned, but I hope we can all make the best of it.  Here at Ash Creek we are working hard to be sure your child has the best education possible. Ash Creek Elementary Board has given a projected start date of October 19, 2020. As we get closer we will reevaluate.

Distance Learning

Each student will have an individual class schedule.  

Morning log-on time is 8:30, Monday through Thursday except for holidays 

Attendance will be taken twice a day morning and afternoon

In accordance with Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-51, all school districts are mandated to offer free onsite learning opportunities and support services beginning August 17, 2020. Further direction was given for all districts to create a plan of support for students with specific qualifications in the areas of special education, English language learning, gifted, at-risk and those in foster care. The student who come in person will not be in a classroom with teachers, but they will learn the same way other children do from home. The intention of the Governor’s Order is that we serve the most vulnerable students in our district, such as those qualifying classifications listed above.

In an effort to support our families as well as ensuring all Executive order expectations are followed Ash Creek Elementary implemented the following action plan on August 17, 2020 for Onsite Learning Support Qualifying Services.  

Ash Creek will be open for on-site learning and support Monday – Thursday 8:30-3:30  

No direct instruction will be provided. 

Transportation is not provided. 

Face coverings are required and social distancing is enforced. 

Enhanced sanitation procedures will be implemented.



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