Barry Ward at Ash Creek 2023

This winter Ash Creek was thrilled to have country singer and 4th generation farmer and rancher, Barry Ward come to school to not only perform but also sing with the students! Barry and the students got together and wrote a song called, “The Desert Mustangs.” They had a blast going on stage, rehearsing, and preparing the song for the potluck performance that night. At the potluck, Barry did a beautiful performance with some of his known songs such as “Montana I Wish You Were Mine,” “Coyotes and Cattle,” and much more. Students also got up on stage with Barry Ward to perform their song for families and staff. Families were able to look at and purchase Barry’s albums and merchandise, enjoy good food, and listen to Barry’s live music. It was a very special experience that the students were grateful to be a part of. 

Thank you Barry and Victoria for taking the time to come out and spend time with our Ash Creek family!! 

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