Veterans Day Lunch 2019

On November 7th Ash Creek Elementary school was proud to welcome local veterans and their spouses to join us for a lunch provided by the staff.  We had 13 veterans representing all five branches of the military, and 22 total visitors.  Lunch was set up in the gymnasium, which the students decorated with a banner thanking the vets for their service and poppies on a field of green that the children made with their handprints in art class.  Each veteran received at least one handmade card from our grateful students. Veterans, staff, and students were all seated together at long tables sharing stories and laughter.

Lunch began with the pledge of allegiance and the preamble to the constitution, which our students recite every morning.  The menu this year was spiral ham, from-scratch mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, warm rolls, and of course, our fresh salad bar.  After everyone ate their fill, pumpkin pie was served to everyone.

Each year we seem to attract a few more veterans than the previous year, and each year we are proud to see the enthusiasm of the students preparing for and welcoming our veterans.  We had a wonderful hour with our visitors and look forward to doing it again next November.

Vets Day 2019Jorge Hoke, Coast Guard;  Abraham Peraza, Army; Chris Hamberger, Navy;  Mike Nash, Army; Lester Woodyard, Navy; Charlie Goulet, Army; Mary Martin, Marine Corp; Air Force Veteran; Daniel Hoskins, Marine Corp; Robert Mahn, Navy; Jim Norris, Army; P J Noone, Army/Air Force; Frank Law, Army/Air Force.