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Little Joe’s Bullying Blog

Hello, my hoomans it is me Little Joe, the therapy dog. I want you to be aware of bullying because I have recently experienced it. What happened was, I was staying at my cousin’s house over the weekend my cousin attacked me. I admit, we have never liked each other. But that did not give her the right to attack me. Even though I was not backing down, she should have used her words to let me know that she was not okay with me being there. But instead of bar- I mean talking, she bit me. I was scared and hurt and felt my tail go between my legs. Eventually my Aunt came and stopped the fight. She took me to the doctor’s and he cleaned my wounds and gave me medicine to fight infection and make the pain go away. This experience taught me a lesson that I want you guys to hear:

Just because you are upset, it doesn’t mean you should hurt people. 

For the dogs, people, other animals (yes, including cats) who hurt or bully others, mentally or physically:

  • Think about how you would feel in their paws, I mean shoes
  • It can make others feel insecure and break them down mentally
  • It can make them not want to go to the dog park or school or other places that they might like
  • It makes them upset, sad, angry and even cry

Some things to do if YOU are the one getting bullied:

  • Tell your owner or an adult that you trust
  • Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Use words, or humor, or just walk away and be with your friends. You do not have to fight!!!
  • For cyber-bullying (AKA being bullied online for dogs who donut know) make sure to block them, get rid of their contact and screen shot what they wrote to show a trusted adult

If you ARE the bully:

  • Think about how you make the other person feel and apologize
  • Think about why you feel you need to bully and talk to a grown up or counselor that you can trust about this
  • Find positive things about yourself and the victim and give them a compliment

Please think about what I said today and try to be nicer and do not be afraid to ask for help. Be a better animal or person to others so that we can have a happy and peaceful planet. That way we’ll have a better place to live. 


Little Joe

Dear pawrents, its Little Joe the therapy dog from Ash Creek Elementary. I wanted to give you a reminder about cold and flu symptoms. These are the symptoms of a cold:

  • Runny or stuffy nose (this goes for dogs too)
  • Sore throat
  • Coof
  • Slight body aches or weely bad headaches
  • Sneezing
  • Temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit         

And here are some flu symptoms:

  • Fever and chills
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Fatigue (feeling sweepy)
  • Vomiting, diarrhea

Always check your puppy’s, I mean child’s temperature before sending them on the bus or taking them to school if they have any of these symptoms!

During after school pick up, pwees remember that if any siblings have any of these symptoms or were home sick, pwees leave them in either the car or with another guardian at home. DO NOT let them play with the other school kids in the small yard at all. I want to play and bond with them, but some of them are sick and I don’t want to get sick so my mama keeps me outside of the yard.  But my mama has to stay inside of the yard and I’m scared she’ll get sick.

So, pwees remember that education is great, BUT even though it is really important, everyone’s health (and that goes for dogs too) is more important than sending them to school and getting others sick.

Thank you as always for reading my blog! And to all those dogs out there, stay safe and healthy!!


Hello again, humans!! It’s Little Joe and I’m so happy to talk to you again!

Today I’m going to talk to you about kindness and how you can help others and yourself. In fact, National Kindness day is on Saturday November 13th. Here are some ways you can help yourself and others:

  • Self-care- Make sure you’re healthy and hang out with positive people and people you love (kind of like how I always enjoy hanging out with the students in my mom’s classroom)
  • Caring for others- Think before you speak (and bark)! Help those who are injured or in need as best as you can
  • Help your neighbor, family and friends! This can be done by spending time with them and doing things that they appreciate (I have saved my mom from 5 mailmen, 3 UPS trucks, and 20 FedEx trucks. I’m a good boy J)
  • Gratitude- Every time someone does something nice for you, say “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Also people appreciate compliments, such as, I like your fur, I mean hair! (I don’t know why hoomans like compliments, but I guess they do)
  • Start Conversation- Talk to someone who may be upset or someone sitting by themselves. Try not to bark- I mean yell at them.
  • Share- Make sure you share with someone who may  not have something (I tried to share my food with my mom and she didn’t want it L BUT she shares with me which makes everything better J)

I hope you all practice kindness and love yourselves. To all the dogs out there, be kind to other creatures. . . especially squirrels and cats. Woof, woof! Oh sorry, I thought I saw a squirrel!

Bye everybody and have a great day!

Math is cool!

Please, pick up your trash.

Even when the weather gets cooler remember you still need to drink plenty of water.