Make A Donation, Get A Tax Credit

School budgets are tight. When you make a donation to Ash Creek Elementary School District #53, not only are you helping the school but you are creating a tax donation for yourself.

The Arizona State Public School Tax Credit Law allows up to $200 for single taxpayers and $400 for jointly filing married taxpayers if they contribute to extracurricular activities. An extracurricular activity is an optional, non credit educational activity that supplements the education program of Ash Creek Elementary and requires a fee for the students to participate.

This tax donation is then directly subtracted from the total taxes owed to the state of Arizona for that year.  For example, if your tax bill to the State of Arizona is $400.00, and you donated $200 to Ash Creek Elementary School District #53 before December 31, 2012, the amount you will owe the State of Arizona when you file taxes is $200 – your $400.00 obligation minus the $200 you have already paid through the direct tax credit program.

To donate, print the form below and submit to the school. Thank you!

Tax Donation Form

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Christmas Program Coming Up!

Join us on the evening of December 19th for a very special Christmas Program. Ash Creek students will perform as we celebrate our 103rd year as a school. Everyone in the community is invited to the performance at 6:30, followed by a potluck meal. We understand that a very special guest will be joining us!

Ash Creek students on a tree-cutting expedition in the Chiricahua Mountains

Ash Creek students on a tree-cutting expedition in the Chiricahua Mountains

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Association Dinner Christmas Performance

On December 4th, Ash Creek students performed a Christmas Program at the Sunizona Ash Creek Association dinner. Community members enjoyed some modern Christmas carols performed by the K-2nd Grade class, a rendition of “The Night Before Christmas” poem by 3rd-8th grade students, and a sing-along of traditional Christmas carols. We appreciate the warm welcome we received from the Association members, who were kind enough to provide each student with a special bag of Christmas goodies. Thank you, Sunizona Ash Creek Association!

3rd - 8th grade students

3rd – 8th grade students

K - 2nd grade students

K – 2nd grade students

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Veterans Day Luncheon

. Front row, left to right: Dan Evans, Army; John Ward, Army; George Hall, Army. Back row: Doug Picher, Air Force; Ken Edwards, Air Force; Tim Murphy, Marine Corps; Chris Hamburger, Navy; and Laura Lind, Navy (not pictured).

. Front row, left to right: Dan Evans, Army; John Ward, Army; George Hall, Army. Back row: Doug Picher, Air Force; Ken Edwards, Air Force; Tim Murphy, Marine Corps; Chris Hamburger, Navy; and Laura Lind, Navy (not pictured).

On November 13th, Ash Creek School hosted a Veterans Day luncheon. We had veterans from every branch of the Military Services here. They are pictured above. The students sang and gave theatrical performances that were greatly enjoyed by the veterans. All of the students said that they wanted to show some respect to the people who have served our country.



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Superintendent Huppenthal Visits!

We were pleased to welcome State School Superintendent John Huppenthal as he toured Cochise County on November 7, 2012.

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Join Us, Veterans

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Living History Project Funded

We are happy to announce that the Arizona Commission on the Arts has awarded Ash Creek School a grant that will help fund our Living History Project. During the project, storyteller Glenda Bonin will work with Ash Creek students of all ages to develop a storytelling performance that brings local history to life. Students will research local history through published sources and interviews with elders. Glenda will help students transform their research into a public performance to be given in mid-February.

Glenda Bonin has performed and conducted storytelling workshops nationwide. She will be a resident artist at Ash Creek School from mid-January to mid-February, 2013.

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We’re Shaking Out!

Ash Creek School is proud to participate in the Great Arizona ShakeOut! This is a program for earthquake preparedness.

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Metamorphosis Mania!

Daniel Simmons examines the larva of a white-lined sphinx moth.

It all started when Ms. Marvick found some colorful larva in her vegetable garden. She brought them to the classroom and put them in a mesh habitat with parsley to eat and a few dead branches. Her class fed the larva and observed them until they turned into pupa, hanging from the branches in the habitat. Butterfly emergence countdown began, and 14 days later–the same day that Arizona Republic reporters visited the school–beautiful blue and back swallowtail butterflies began to emerge from the pupas. Ms. Marvick’s class invited Ms. Corley’s students to join them, and kept watch on the habitat for much of the morning, oohing and ahhing over each new arrival. Even Ms. Lind’s students got into the act when they arrived for Writing class. Ms. Marvick’s class put what they had learned about metamorphosis to use later when they created their play with Mr. Paul Fisher, titled The Pollinators.

For more photos of butterfly emergence day, see Metamorphosis Mania! in the Slideshow section of the website.

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Ash Creek Students Receive Victory Garden Grant Award

In an award ceremony held at Sierra Vista Public Library, Ash Creek students Brandon Martinez, Ryann Marx, Sienna Martinez, Cyrrah Beaver, Samantha Toumey, and Lexie Simmons and teacher Vicki Marvick accepted a grant award from the Cochise Community Foundation. The grant will fund the expansion of a small experimental vegetable garden into a 280 square foot vegetable garden. The project, called the Ash Creek Victory Garden, is part of Ash Creek School’s hands-on approach to science learning. It is expected to provide a source of fresh organic produce for the school cafeteria as well as integrated science, math, and social studies lessons for students.

Ash Creek students seated on the floor in front of other grantees accepting awards from Cochise Community Foundation.

(Left to Right) Lexie Simmons, Brandon Martinez, Ryann Marx, Ms. Marvick, Sienna Martinez, Cyrrah Beaver, and Samantha Toumey speaking as they accept the grant award from Cochise Community Foundation.

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