Preschool through Second Grade

Hi, I’m Diana Hamberger and I am so pleased to return todiana the Ash Creek teaching staff! Having come to this valley from a large metropolitan area (southern California) as a teenager myself, I can attest to the wonderful benefits of small schools.

I met and married my high school sweetheart here in this valley, and we moved to Central Oregon for several years, where we started our family. We soon missed the beautiful vistas and warm weather of Southern Arizona, so we moved back, bought 10 acres in the foothills of the Chiricahuas, and began the adventure of developing our homestead. My hobbies have developed around that “homesteading” experience, and include living off-grid, gardening, sewing, painting with egg tempera, and raising animals.

Although now grown and married, all four of our children attended Ash Creek School. My husband, Bruce, was an Ash Creek board member for eight years while our children were in school and I served as parent volunteer and P.T.O. president. We have watched the school grow, contract, change, and develop over the years. From the perspective of many years’ involvement with the school, I can honestly say that this little school has more to offer the students of this valley than ever before.

At Cochise College, the University of Arizona, and Prescott College, I studied art, psychology, and education, earning my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education. Before coming to Ash Creek, I was a high school teacher. I truly enjoy working with this age group and now that I am at the middle school level, I relish the opportunity to dig deeply into a wide range of subjects with them. I learn to see each topic from a fresh perspective and to focus on things that I might not have noticed otherwise.

While teaching these youths I hope that, above all, I can help them learn how to learn. I don’t want to spoon feed them information, but to help them figure out how to find what they need to know, and to take responsibility for their own education. I want them to have high expectations of themselves, to persevere when things get tough, and to celebrate when they have even small successes. There is nothing as gratifying as seeing the light come on in a child’s eyes when they grasp a difficult concept, get excited by a new discovery, or experience success in a certain subject for the first time! And there is nothing that fosters that progress more than the hands-on, creative approach that we encourage here at Ash Creek. I am happy to be a part of that.