Sixth through Eighth Grade

I taught here at Ash Creek from 1988 through 2013.  I have taught all subjects/classes, but mostly 6-8 grades Math and Science.  I came back, at Mrs. Shepard’s request, in the spring of 2020.

This school has been a special place for me. Both my daughters graduated from Ash Creek, and now I have grandchildren here.  I started out as a brand-new first-year teacher, when I didn’t have any text books and no computers to teach with!  I learned quickly how to teach from very little and how to be creative.  Many good memories and lessons-learned for me. 

During my 7-year retirement I got to spend extra time with my family and friends, ride my mountain bike a lot, and I even rode my motorcycle up into Canada and back!  Plus I was able, with help from family and former students, to build myself a little grandma house where I now live. 

I’m not sure how long I will be teaching here this time around.  I intend to take school one year at a time.  For certain it won’t be another 25 years!!!

Laura Lind