Third through Fifth Grade


Teaching at Ash Creek has been an amazing experience. I taught previously with various grades in Northern California, where I was born and raised. In July of 2020 I moved to Pearce, Arizona. My first week here I met Mrs. Shepard after reading one of the Ash Creek Newsletters, and now I am the 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade Language Arts and science teacher, and could not be more honored.

  It has been a pleasure getting know to my students and help each of them with reading and writing. Each group of students have many strengths and my goal is to continue building them up. I also see what each individual student needs help with and I am here to give them the knowledge, encouragement, and push that they need. One thing I firmly believe in is constant interaction in the classroom. The more class discussions, reading work out loud, creating projects together, and helping each other answer questions, the more everyone is learning. In our classroom, I treat each day as a fresh start. Students always have goals to work towards.  

The team at Ash Creek gives me more help and confidence than I could ever ask for. With all of the support I get here it feels like family and I belong here. Needless to say, I am here for the long-haul!

 One of the best decisions I can sincerely say I’ve made was driving 15 hours with my partner in crime, Karma to be here. She is my Doberman who has been with me throughout this journey. We have even adopted two cat sisters, Sassy and Little, since moving here. I am very happy to be here and looking forward to the years to come at Ash Creek!! 

Katy Hake